Nominations are now open for the 2018 Canada’s Safest Employers awards!

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Fueling Canada’s Economy, One Molecule at a Time

Canada’s $50-billion chemistry industry creates thousands of jobs, adds billions in value to our natural resources, and supports Canada’s economic diversity.

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Canada’s Chemistry Industry: Partners in Transportation Safety

CIAC is committed to working with governments, transportation partners and communities to ensure that Canada has the strongest transportation safety standards in the world.

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​Chemistry = Solutions

The chemistry industry is in the business of solutions.

We’re constantly innovating – making discoveries that will help solve the world’s toughest problems, and create a healthier, safer and more sustainable future.

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​Responsible Care® is the chemistry industry’s commitment to sustainability - the betterment of society, the environment and the economy.

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President's Message

As the Liberal government looks to attract considerably higher rates of foreign investment into innovative sectors with high growth prospects, more attention needs to be paid to Canada’s chemistry sector. Currently, there are more than $12 billion in investments representing four global scale chemistry projects awaiting decision by year’s end that...

Bob Masterson, President and CEO

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ChemistryCanada Alberta's support for feedstock infrastructure "will help the chemistry sector leverage our low-carbon feedstock an……

ChemistryCanada CIAC is excited about the potential of collaborating with @invest_canada. to realize tens of $ billions of chemistr……

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Members & Partners

About CIAC

The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada is the voice of Canada’s chemistry industry. We represent the interests of Canada’s leading chemistry companies – from petrochemical, inorganic and specialty chemical producers, to bio-based manufacturers and chemistry-related technology and R&D companies.

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CIAC is recognized as a world leader in the sustainable stewardship of chemical products. We’re known for being a pragmatic, policy-based organization that represents members’ interests based on solid analysis and scientific data. 

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Responsible Care®

Responsible Care® is the chemistry industry’s commitment to sustainability. Its ethic and principles compel companies to innovate for safer and more environmentally friendly products and processes, and to work to eliminate harm throughout the entire life cycle of their products.

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