Environmental Performance

We Believe our Growth Shouldn’t Come at the Expense of People’s Health or the Environment

For more than two decades, Canada’s chemistry industry has worked hard to reduce its environmental footprint.

Through Responsible Care®, CIAC’s member-companies commit to continuously improving their manufacturing processes – working to conserve resources, reduce emissions and waste, and make their facilities safer, more efficient and sustainable.

Since 1992, the first year of emissions reporting under Responsible Care®, CIAC members have:

  • reduced discharges to water by 98 per cent
  • reduced emissions of toxins targeted by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act by 89 per cent
  • substantially reduced emissions of air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (by 61 per cent) and sulphur dioxide (by 85 per cent)
  • reduced the global-warming potential of their operations by 65 per cent
  • reduced their production of hazardous waste for disposal by 79 per cent over 1995 levels

Today, a unit of Canadian chemical product is manufactured with 88 per cent fewer emissions than in 1992.

To find out more about our members’ environmental and sustainability performance, download CIAC’s latest Responsible Care® Progress Report.